About Empire Trade

Who we are?

ETX International(Empire Trade) is an innovative and progressive Trade Exchange. A membership and community based organisation, Empire Trade offers real and practical solutions to small business through alternative marketing strategies that can help to increase turnover and profits, and provide an improved lifestyle while easing cash flow restrictions..

Through the promotion and support offered to member businesses, Empire Trade fosters commercial growth within the community while also providing an avenue of support for community organisations, charities and sporting sponsorships.

ETX International is a private company. The Exchange was established on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in February of 2000 and was so successful in the barter industry that within 14 months it had expanded throughout Australia and into The Netherlands. International expansion continues at an impressive pace as business people take the concept abroad.

An International Executive Advisory Committee oversees the running of the Empire Trade management and Agents, and is made up of international agents, Regional Australian Agents and representatives from International Head Office.

With a membership base in the thousands, Empire Trade is equally successful in the provision of goods and services as it is in the real estate market.

We differ from most trade exchanges, not only in our personal service, but more noticeably by allowing our members control over their trading percentage. Offering truly affordable membership fees, Empire Trade does not control the level at which traders operate. They have the freedom to control their own percentage level of trade on any given transaction and have the right to negotiate the percentage of trade on a deal by deal basis. We do not force our members to accept 100% trade and encourage them to take any applicable sales tax in cash. All we ask in return is that members do not increase their prices for trade customers. ‘Right Price, Trade component negotiable.

Another area in which we excel is our comprehensive online services. Our team of Information specialists create proprietary software to proactively meet the evolving needs of our members. With 24 hour access to online account information, our members have the latest information available at their fingertips.

With a strong commitment to the local and global community, Empire Trade offers generous sponsorship funding to sporting organisations and individuals as well as to recreational groups. Our unique funding programme offers financial and resourcing support to every aspect of charitable endeavour.